Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Windows port / skyboxes

I really have to stop with these dramatic pauses. I dedicated all my time to courses over fall and it paid off with more of those A's I love so much.  This term I'm going to try to be better about keeping up with my own work as well as courses. Might sacrifice a grade or two.  Not much further though to Spring 2014.

Over the break I've been getting brain up to speed on 6502 assembly and legs finally, at long last, consistently on the trainer.  For this project I rebuilt the actual physical sensor with proper soldering and a molded connector for the bike more recently and pretty soon intend on streaming my FrosTrainer rides live. The only catch is my broadcast software only works in Windows...

Problem and solution, ported the source over successfully last night. As you can see, skyboxes are also in, replacing the old parallax background (though I need to adapt the classy pixel art to wrap properly). Don't worry, I'm making the skybox look exactly like the old one. 320x200 is all a man really needs.

I'm pretty excited about the live streaming for motivation and for the different approach to roads it'll require.  A badly needed change, since crafting a 20-30mi road in 100th mile increments is painful at best, let alone when the rides get real again.