Friday, June 22, 2012

New source tree

The old mess of C code is enjoying a rewrite in C++. Not much visual yet, but the first major classes are in and road files from the first incarnation load and spit out elevation markers.  Keeping as much the same or similar in terms of the data structures so the old functions require less tweaking.

The old version, being that it's complete (if ugly), is being kept separate.  The practical benefit is I can generate roads, themes, and config data with the old then load them into the new engine before the latter can generate them.  The goal right now is to produce something that... looks a lot like the video of the old version I posted last year.

The difference? Native binaries for Linux, Windows, and (given a tester) Mac, full hardware acceleration, and honest-to-goodness download links.  No more fighting with a rather broken portaudio library, either.

Here're the old videos, for reference: FT Vids #1

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Break Goodness

I found goodies in an unpacked box.  Updated bike sensor code and moved from Allegro 4 and Portaudio to just Allegro 5.1.  All the headaches managing Portaudio gone.  Connected the hardware, gave the wheel a twirl, and hell froze over.